I am Tom Sar. I was born in Belarus in 1971, where I later studied theology. At the age of thirty-six I moved to Hamburg (Germany), where I have lived. I am an author of some songs, books and plays, information to which you can find in this page.


Tom Sar. Über die Liebe (German Edition) – About the love.

A young man moves to Hamburg, where he meets Victoria, who lives in a neighboring apartment. He tries to get to know her better, but Victoria avoids him. However, after some time a conversation between the two takes place. Victoria informs him that she is pregnant and is suffering from cancer. The roles change now: woman tries to meet him, but the man avoids her.
Language: German


Tom Sar. A hen. (A stage play. Acting edition for theatre productions)

Charlie, an old farmer, comes to the city to be examined by his doctor. Thinking that his stay in the city might take a long time, Charlie takes a cage with his last hen. At the weekend the old man stays overnight with his grandson. The grandson’s wife is against his stay, but his great grandson James is fascinated by the guest and his chicken. Charlie visits the doctor and stays in the hospital. During this time, the tension in the family grows and the question of the life and death of the stray hen have to be solved.


Tom Sar. In the heart of the universe.

In this little book, I collected lyrics for my songs, which are not real poems. However, I wanted to publish it. The themes are different: love, ballads about the past and others.


Tom Sar. An einer Brücke (Liedtexte). At a bridge (German Edition) 

In this book, I collected thirty-four German-language lyrics for my songs. The themes are different: love, ballads about the past and others.